Marina Putrajaya


Marina Putrajaya: “It’s more than just a marina”

Marina Putrajaya is one of the attractions for leisure and recreation in Putrajaya which offers a wide range of services to public especially communities in Putrajaya and its surrounding. Located on the lakeside of Precinct 5 Putrajaya, this attraction mainly aim to create a healthy lifestyle for everyone that come to use its facilities. With a total space area of 28,530m² (including buildings, promenade and water features), this facility is built in a circular pattern.

From the angle of bird’s eye view, this building uniquely forming the shape of a horseshoe crab. The wonderful design of the complex comes with the purpose to ensure that every part of the complex has a good view of the scenic Putrajaya Lake from all angles.

Marina Putrajaya is the only facilities in Putrajaya that acts as the ‘one-stop recreation center’ that is open for public. Visitors can find facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, aerobic studio, steam bath room and sauna room all under one roof. In order to provide the greatest satisfaction for its visitor, Marina Putrajaya also has an exclusive café serving a wide range selection of food and beverages. Visitors will be able to indulge in a wonderful gastronomical experience while enjoying breathtaking view from the café. For a delightful leisure experience, visitors can always enjoy playing snooker or pool which is located on the first floor of the east wing building. Not only that, the snooker lounge is also equipped with dart for its guest to hit the bull’s eye at any time.

For visitors who are coming with their family, the VIP-sized karaoke room is the perfect place have their family singing session. The room can accommodate up to 15 person at any one time. When it comes to event, Marina Putrajaya has always be the prime spot to organize events in Putrajaya. Marina Putrajaya has a few halls and open space area that are open for rental all year round. This location has yet be the venue host for high profile events such as the Red Bull Air Race, Magic of the Night and Mega Wedding.

Many people find Marina Putrajaya as a unique venue due to many factors; the panoramic view, high quality services and the feel of exclusivity. For the convenience of its guests, Marina Putrajaya also provides three prayer rooms (located on the east wing, west wing and near the cruise jetty), five changing rooms equipped with shower rooms and ample parking space which freely open for its visitors.



Marina Putrajaya operation hour starts from 9.00AM until 9.45PM. Marina Putrajaya is open for all public and operates daily including on weekends and public holidays. It offers two types of facilities namely land-based facility and lake-based facility. There are more than 300 parking bays provided for free to all visitors. Marina Putrajaya has been known as one of the top event location in Putrajaya by being the venue for quite a number of successful domestic and international events such as Putrajaya Red Bull International Air Race Championship, Magic of the Night and Institut Sukan Negara (ISN) Conference, it is also known as a prominent location for wedding receptions in Putrajaya.

Land-based facility
Marina Putrajaya provides recreational indoor facilities such as indoor swimming pool, snooker and pool lounge, karaoke room, squash courts, gymnasium, steam bath and sauna room as well as function rooms and halls. Check on our rates of admission fees to our recreational facilities as below. For event bookings, kindly please contact us via email at

Lake-based facility
Situated at the largest part of Putrajaya Lake, Marina Putrajaya has always been the centre of water sports in Putrajaya. There are many water sport clubs and association adopt Marina Putrajaya as their training hub because of the lake access facilities and equipment provided by Marina Putrajaya.

Marina Putrajaya is also known as the training ground for international athletes coming from all over the world for water sports activities such as canoe and kayak training. It is also famous for its dragon boat training and dragon boat team building program, in which it has attracted numerous big corporations and agencies to join the program.



Marina Putrajaya also offers sports/recreational training/classes/clinics which is open for public. Our class fees is one of the lowest in Putrajaya in which the training /classes/clinics are conducted by our own certified instructors.

Swimming Class — our swimming class is a well-planned program with a comprehensive module suitable for kids and for adults. Classes are conducted on weekends and are open for registration all year round. Contact us immediately for more details or to subscribe.

Personal Training — there is a wide range of personal training program that can be chosen with a flexible training time, be it gym training or kickboxing classes. Our personal training program also includes nutrition consultation, personal progress monitoring and custom made training module, constructed based on your personal goal and physical condition.

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